ISWA is committed to helping your child continue their education during the recent Covid-19 virus outbreak. Visit our FAQs section to learn more.

Who We Are

Our School at a Glance

Insight School of Washington (ISWA) helps students in grades 6–12 reach their true potential. We understand that each student is different—requiring a unique, tailored approach to learning. Our teachers ensure each student's needs are met by delivering personalized instruction and attention.

Here's why Washington families choose ISWA for their children:

  • Our experienced, Washington-certified teachers who give students the attention they need to succeed
  • Quality curriculum from Stride K12 that harnesses powerful learning tools such as video, audio, live chat, virtual labs, and integrated materials to engage and inspire students
  • Individualized Learning Plans to place students in the appropriate courses, identify strengths and areas for improvement, and create a plan to chart their progress
  • Exceptional programs to help struggling students not only catch up but excel
  • Smart and sensible ideas, including credit recovery courses when needed to help students cope and succeed
  • Stride Career Prep to help high school students get a jump-start on their future

ISWA will bring students, parents, teachers, and counselors together to form a powerful, collaborative team to help students thrive.

Head of School:
Cecily Kiester

Dean of Academics:
Darice Bales

"Our school year includes challenging courses and some of the best teachers in the state.  Welcome to Insight School of Washington!  I am looking forward to working with you toward your graduation!"

Director of Data & Assessment:
Myron Hammond

Assistant Principals:
Stacey Love and Kelly Martin

Operations Manager
Shelly Perry

Assessment Coordinator:
Caitlin Modine

Student Resource Coordinator & Title IX Coordinator:
Marie Kruger

SWA English Learner Program Coordinator:
Joy Taylor
425.533.2700 x7264

Student Events Special Education Administrator/ADA Compliance Coordinator:
Teresa Tapao-Hunt

Notice of Special Education Procedural Safeguards for Students and Their Families